Business contents

CyberQuote Japan is offering business solutions for customers of both buy side and sell side, mainly for financial transactions including institutional investors and corporations.

Cyberquote’s products and services are built on the principle of providing industry’s most advanced trading functions and high-quality consulting and support services, enabling enterprises to respond finely to individual customer requirements, ASP format, such as a cloud format, it can provide services in a variety of forms.

Trading System

Front system

(order function)

Provide Internet trading environment (front system) including mobile terminals to securities companies, as well as individuals and institutional investors. API or in solution using the FIX protocol, it can also achieve STP of order routing.

Middle office

(risk management function)

It is possible to manage all order execution and margin and asset status in real time even under the environment already using multiple front-end terminals and external vendor front systems. We manage total risk after trading.

Back office

(fee and margin calculation, form function)

It is possible to correspond to multiple currencies and languages, not to mention Japanese financial regulation correspondence. In addition, it can respond to file output according to declaration / uploading work to various external systems including external clearing agencies, and promote efficiency of your business. It is a system that adapts not only to domestic transactions but also overseas transactions.
Various services

Various Services


DMA and HFT, and even more will be support from a technical point of view at the time of the introduction of algorithmic trading.

Expansion and access to overseas markets

With strong collaboration with Phillip Capital Group which develops in Asian countries, full support and access to each country market will be supported.

System development

There are many file conversion and uploading work related to declaration to the external system at the securities company. It is possible to systemize cumbersome back office related work.